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21/11/2017 - The LA Review-Journal reports that Clark County has granted approval for the 1-mile extension to the Vegas monorail, expanding its route from the MGM Grand to Mandalay Bay.



21/09/2017 - An article in LANEWS.ORG predicts the growth of monorail systems:


Monorail Systems Market Plying for Significant Growth During 2017 – 2025


28/08/2017- Egypt's Daily News reports The National Authority for Tunnels (NAT) entrusted the technical supervision of implementing a new monorail’s first phase to the consulting office Khatib & Alami (K&A) with a contract worth EGP 251.3m.


The monorail line is 68 km long, including 61 km on land. It is expected to transport 340,000 passengers per day. The construction and operation costs amount to $1.3bn, including $739m funded by a 20-year Chinese loan a with five-year grace period. Once construction begins, the project will be completed within two years.


The new line is expected to cut down the time to move in the Cairo-Ismailia Road by 30%. It will also impact traffic and save around EGP 2.3bn per year.


Minister of Housing Mostafa Madbouly said in previous remarks that the line begins from Salam City and aims to connect Greater Cairo with the eastern suburbs of the city, along with Sharqeya governorate. It is expected to begin operating in 2020.



23/08/2017 - New elevated skytrains for Thailand. Global travel news site, eTurboNews, reports Bombardier Transportation has announced 2 contracts for its Innovia Monorail 300 system for 2 mass rapid transit lines in Thailand.


The contracts are with the Northern Bangkok Monorail Co. Ltd. (NBM) and the Eastern Bangkok Monorail Co. Ltd. (EBM), who will be responsible for the turnkey construction and 30-year concession of the new elevated lines which will improve the commute for over 400,000 people and visitors every day.

The contract with NBM concerns the new 34.5 km Khae Rai-MinBuri (Pink) Line to operate with 42 train sets and EBM’s contract comprises 30 trainsets for the 30.4 km Lat Phrao-Samrong (Yellow) Line.


The contracts also include providing the project management, systems engineering and integration, testing, and commissioning for the new trains and systems.

Bombardier will design and supply the mechanical and electrical elements for the 2 monorail lines, and will deliver 72 4-car INNOVIA Monorail 300 trains (288 cars) equipped with Bombardier Cityflo 650 automatic train control technology for driverless operation.


The trainsets will be manufactured at the Bombardier joint-venture Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems (PBTS) in China, working with Bombardier’s global Monorail Product and Engineering Experts.



05/07/2017 - Metro Report International reports escalating costs on Rotherham tram-train pilot scheme

Tram-train pilot scheme infrastructure costs up 401%



21/03/2017 - An interesting piece by International Monorail Association President, Carlos Banchik, on the incosistencies applied to evaluation of monorail systems and highway projects by local authorities in the US. I'm sure the same 'bias' is given to road projects here in the UK


President's Note



21/03/2017 - It is with sadness that we hear of the passing of Kim Pedersen on January 24th at the age of 64. Kim was the founder and driving force behind The Monorail Society. Due to Kim's hard work and dedication, the society boasts over 7000 members worldwide. The most enthusiastic advocate of monorail, his contribution to promoting awareness of monorail transport systems cannot be overststated. As a source of information, the Monorail Society website ( is unrivalled.

In the early days of setting up WestOx Monorail, Kim was happy to assist and provide sound advice.

We send our condolences to Kim's family at this sad time.



06/01/2017 - Wuhu, China. A variety of Chinese media outlets are reporting that the Wuhu municipal government has approved two monorail lines across the city.Line 1 will run 30.4 km have 24 stations. Line 2 will be 16.5 kilometers long with 12 stations The Wuhu government signed a monorail vehicle procurement contract with CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems. CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems is a 50-50 joint venture between Bombardier and CRRC. According to online reports from China, construction has already commenced.

(courtesy of The Monorail Society)




28/12/2016 - Cebu, Phillipines. A group of Canadian, Chinese and Filipino investors have expressed interest in building a monorail for Metro Cebu and met with some local officials to float their idea. One of their selling points is that because a monorail’s columns will be much slimmer, hardly any road right-of-way problems can be expected.A representative of the group said the monorail is the long-term solution for the traffic in Mandaue, Cebu City and the whole Metro Cebu since this has several advantages compared to the light rail transit (LRT) and metro rail transit (MRT).In a press conference, Vice Mayor Carlo Fortuna, who served as the Mandaue acting mayor, expressed his appreciation for the monorail project. “Compared to LRT, it is more cost-efficient and aesthetically better,” Fortuna said. Based on the project overview of the investment group, the monorail can run on a slim concrete beam, with turning radius of 46 meters, not like MRT/LRT that has a turning radius of 200 to 300 meters. “The advantage of monorail is that the support column is only 1.22 meters diameter spaced apart every 20 to 36 meters. Because of this there will be minimal or no right of way requirement as the size of the support column is only the size of the average center island.”





07/12/2016 - Bankok, Thailand. Two new commuter rail extensions confirmed. Both the Pink and Yellow lines will be monorail built by a private-public partnership including the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand. Sources say that Bombardier may be the supplier of 308 INNOVIA Monorail 300 train cars for the project. Both lines are over 30km in length. The MRTA said it chose to build monorail instead of heavy rail lines because it would have a lower environmental impact and cost slightly less. Official contract signing is expected in 2017.  


Great video of the construction of the 'Marconi Express' in Bologna, Italy. Strictly speaking, the Intamin system is a People Mover rather than a monorail. However, if it is a viable solution for Italy, why not for the UK?


27/05/2019 - NASDAQ.COM reports - 'Bombardier named preferred bidder for €3 billion Cairo monorail project'

Subject to contract and final approval, Bombardier have been chosen to supply and build Cairo's two new monorail lines, Great news for the UK as the rolling stock will be developed and built in Derby. Hopefully one day they will be supplying a similar product for the UK.



18/05/2019 - The Washington Post reports - 'A Montgomery developer has a plan to ease traffic on I-270: Build a monorail'.

Montgomery County developer Robert Eisinger says he has found a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to ease traffic on Interstate 270: Get tens of thousands of motorists traveling from the outer suburbs to switch to a monorail between Frederick and the Shady Grove Metro station.

Eisinger said he knows the word monorail conjures images of amusement park rides more suitable for ferrying passengers around Disney World than carrying commuters through the suburbs of the nation’s capital.

But he said a consultant’s study, paid for by him and private contributors, found that a 27-mile monorail would be environmentally friendly and cost $3.4 billion — significantly less per mile than building a light-rail line or extending Metro’s Red Line. Most importantly, he said, a monorail would fit within the I-270 right of way, leaving homes and backyards untouched and sparing the state the potentially hefty expense of acquiring private property.



08/05/2019 - reports - 'Monorail plans drawn up by London borough'.

Plans for a monorail system are being drawn up by Havering Council in East London, to improve north-south connectivity in the borough.  

Havering Council chief executive Andrew Blake-Herbert revealed the plans while speaking at the Thames Estuary Development Conference.

Announcing a new type of rail link as a “priority” for the borough, Blake-Herbert confirmed that plans for a monorail were being developed.

“Nothing goes north and south,” Blake-Herbert said. “The absolute priority is creating sustainable north-south transport infrastructure. We’re currently working on what a tram or monorail network would look like.”

He added that the council is “not wedded” to Transport for London providing the mooted services, which could be furnished by a separate private operator.



16/01/2019 - Witney Gazette reports on Witney Oxford Transport group's latest proposal for a new rail line from Carterton/Witney to Oxford



15/11/2018 - Oxfordshire County Council reveals plans to spend £180m on A40 improvements